Alumni Scavenger Hunt

  1. True or False: An Eagle Scout must be a member of NESA to receive the Alumni Award
  2. True or False: The Philmont Training Center has a course on how to Reconnect Alumni
  3. Generally, in how many ways or categories can an individual volunteer?
  4. To find a council volunteer administrative role, you must first enter either your ______ or your _________.
  5. Including Web ads, how many Scouting Alumni Association promotional ads are available from the Resources section of the alumni site?
  6. Two general geographic headings are listed for local council support donations. Name them.
  7. Reconnecting with Scouting online requires the registration and creation of a _________ account.
  8. Reconnecting alumni can download a cell phone ring of 10 ________________.
  9. The ring tone is available for how many different categories of cell phones?
  10. For what alumni-specific award may registered adult Scouters qualify?
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